Fishing Trips


The experience of fishing the Shipwreck Coast not only includes actual fishing, but the chance to enjoy the unique, spectacular formations of the area, as well as the history of the many sailing ships that came to grief on the coast line.

Port Campbell Boat Charter's fully surveyed boat (the Orca III) caters for both the novice and experienced anglers. All fishing gear and bait are supplied. Fishing trips are available for a duration of 3 hours, 5 hours or 8 hours. Please contact us to enquire about departure times and group sizes.

Duration Cost (AUD) Min People required
3 Hours
5 Hours
8 Hours


Snapper can be caught along the coast on the reef areas, mostly from September to May, but can also be caught throughout the year depending on warm water currents.


School and Gummy shark are caught all year round, but mostly from October to April. Other commonly caught shark include Blue, Sword and 7 Gill shark. Mako and Thresher sharks perform acrobatics, which creates a lot of fun.


Sweep are great fun to catch but depend on sea conditions. In good conditions, the Inner Reefs can be fished.

Flat Head

Flat head can be caught on the sand beds out from Port Campbell.


Salmon are mainly caught between May and October, along the coast from Peterborough to Princetown.


A very aggressive fish, 'couta are caught in great numbers from the Port Campbell jetty, and when on the bite, are also caught in most other locations along the coast.